The village of Espelette

World famous for its chilli culture, Espelette is also a picturesque traditional village of Labourd. The facades of its half-timbered Basque houses are adorned much of the year by the bouquets of chilies that are put to dry.

Emblem of the city, the chili of Espelette is celebrated in late October: Two days of concerts, dances and folk songs, tastings of local produce, chili in the head of course, and demonstrations of Basque force or ball. From spring to autumn, a visit to the Chili Workshop is a must: you will discover, through a course that makes you pass from the fields to the workshops of artisanal production, all the secrets of the culture of the famous chili of Espelette.

The village is also a pleasant place to walk: A pedestrian zone allows you to stroll between many shops of local products and crafts, admiring to your liking the architecture typical of houses and shops.

Remarkable buildings will not fail to attract your attention: The Château des Barons Ezpeleta, built around the year mil, today welcomes the administrative services of the town hall and the tourist office of the city. Do not hesitate to enter, because it also houses temporary exhibitions as well as a permanent exhibition on the Chili.

In a quieter area stands the fortified church of Saint-Etienne, surrounded by its traditional Basque cemetery. Wooden galleries and painted ceilings of the 16th century adorn its medieval steeple-dungeon.

The Church of Espelette is also rich in important furniture dating from the 12th and 13th centuries.

Campsite Berrua, 22 km from Espelette

Located only 22 kilometers from your campsite Berrua, the village of Espelette is a memorable destination during your stay. The Route de Saint-Pée-sur-LeVelle, via Ahetze, will take you there in just 30 minutes.

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