Discover Hendaye

With its long sandy beach and seafront with 70 villas listed, Hendaye is a popular seaside resort whose visit is essential during a stay on the Basque coast.

Border town, Hendaye is separated from Spain only by the mouth of the Bidasoa, which is easily crossed by shuttle if you wish to join Hondarribia.

Between the port of Caneta and the urban beach of fine sand, the longest of the Basque coast, Hendaye delight the lovers of the sea and the lovers of nautical or aquatic leisure.

It is also a charming city whose visit contains cultural and architectural treasures, medieval ramparts with neo-Basque facades bordering the Boulevard de la Mer, and an Orientalist-inspired casino. In the old town of Hendaye, the forecourt of St.

Vincent’s church houses a cyclical cross, which is classified with historical monuments, the mysterious origin of which carries several legends. On the cliff, overlooking the city facing the ocean, stands the Castle-Observatory Abbadia: its neo-Gothic architecture mingled with Orientalism is the work of the Perollet-le-Duc.

A major tourist Site of the Basque coast and the property of the Academy of Sciences, the Château Antoine-de-Badie includes an astronomical observatory, an impressive library, and a chapel. The cornice on which the castle is built is an important reserve for biodiversity.

Close to the estate, the Maison de la Corniche offers you the pleasure of discovering the natural resources of the coastline through a playful and pedagogical multimedia exhibition.

Campsite Berrua, 23 km from Hendaye

The city of Hendaye on the Spanish border is only 23 km from your campsite Berrua. A distance that you can travel in just 30 minutes by car, passing by the pleasant route of the coastline. The Château-Observatoire Abbadia, located north of Hendaye, is only 19 km from your holiday place.

Cities to discover around Hendaye

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