Basque Cider mills


To do absolutely during your camping holiday in the Basque Country!

Atmosphere guaranteed!!

Large wooden tables, with its benches, surrounded by barrels and a good smell of Txuleta, that is the reputation and friendliness of Basque cider houses! Here, we eat a unique meal: cod omelette, prime rib with fries, sheep cheese with quince / nuts and of course Basque cider!

The famous TXOX, proclaimed loud and clear by the master of the house, invites you to come fill your glasses directly to the barrels!

A unique and typical moment, to experiment absolutely.

Guide to cider factories in the Basque Country

From north to south of the Basque Country, on either side of the French-Spanish border, renowned cider factories welcome you in a friendly atmosphere and an authentic setting.

In the centre of Bayonne, each bank of the Nive offers its own cider house: the Ttipia cider house on rue des cordeliers, and Chez Txotx on the Quai Amiral. Ascain’s establishment is also very famous: at Txopinondo, generosity and authenticity are the order of the day.

The Urrugne cider house does not offer Txotx, but sells bottles and offers you a “cider house” menu in its restaurant area. Still on the French side of the Basque Country, in the countryside, a stone’s throw from Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port, the Aldakurria de Lasse cider factory offers Txotx for lunch and dinner.

Crossing the border, you can discover the many Basque cider factories located on the Spanish side: Sagarzazu in Fontarrabie facing Hendaye or Ola Sagardotegia at the foot of the Three Crown Mountains in Irun. Near San Sebastian, nearly twenty cider factories await you in and around the Spanish city of Astigarraga, capital of traditional Basque cider making.

Among them are the Mina cider house opened in the evening, Zelaia where Txotx is only practiced standing up, or Bereziartua Sagardotegia, one of the most important cider houses in the region.

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