The city of Bayonne

City famous for its festive spirit and the liveliness of its culture, Bayonne is the capital of the French basque Country. The Bayonne festival, which is held every year since 1932 the Wednesday and the first Sunday in August, are well-known in the world.

And for good reason : they are at the 5th place of the most great popular gatherings worldwide ! During these few days and nights of festivities, uninterrupted, the “king Leon” monitors the proper conduct of the races of cows, songs and folk dances, parades of floats, toros de fuego, fireworks and fairgrounds.

Other annual events are highly anticipated in Bayonne : this is notably the case of the carnival, the ham fair, or the festival of chocolate. This city is in a festive and picturesque, also takes its charm of its architectural heritage preserved : the city of art and history, Bayonne is an ancient stronghold which keeps intact its medieval ramparts and its citadel of Vauban.

The city is also rich in many important buildings such as the old castle dating from the Eleventh century, the château de Marracq, built in the Eighteenth century and bought by Napoleon in 1808, or the old wine producing estate of château du Vigneau.

Also do not miss the Sainte-Marie cathedral and the episcopal palace, which is in front of it became the library. Many museums can be visited in Bayonne : the workshop of chocolate, the saltins Pierre Ibaialde, and the museum of ham Aubard highlight the local cuisine.

The musée Bonnat-Helleu is the museum of fine Arts of the city. Finally, the basque museum of Bayonne traces the history of the basque people, and help you discover its culture through 3000 m2 of exhibitions, workshops and animations.

campsite Berrua, 14 km from Bayonne

Since your campsite Sunêlia Berrua, you can reach the centre of Bayonne in 18 minutes by motorway A63, or 20 minutes by the D810, which crosses Biarritz. For convenience, you can park on the outskirts of town and borrow one of the electric shuttles available free at your disposal to reach the old town.

In addition around Bayonne

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