Shopping In Spain


Easier to get to in high season, it is about 30 kilometres from our Sunelia Domaine Berrua Village.

To get to it go through St Pee Sur Nivelle and then follow the Sare direction. A large road bordered with wine shops, tobacconists and service stations allows you to do all of your shopping.

To go off the beaten track, take the Urdax road and continue through Zugarramurdi, famous for its sorcerer’s cave. Continue on the country road to Sare. A change of scenery guaranteed!!!

The col d’Ibardin (or the mountain that makes you drunk)

It is located on the France/Spain border separating the Basque Country from Navarre.

Wine shops, petrol stations, tobacconists. It is also the starting point for walks and a superb panorama over the Rhune and the Basque coast. Pottoks (wild ponies), sheep and cows wandering free will surprise you!!!

Béhobie – Irun :

Crossroads of wine shops and service stations: this is the quickest way to do your shopping.

Take the A63 or the D817.

List of ventas in the Spanish Basque Country

Dantxaria (or Dantxarinea) :

It is one of the reference commercial areas in the region, bordering France and Spain. Only 20 minutes from Espelette, this border village is a great idea for a getaway for shopping and saving. Peio opened 5 ventas and American-style shopping mall there. You will find a wide range of products at good prices: meat, fruit and vegetables, everyday products, alcohol and wine, ready-to-wear, perfumery and cosmetics.

It’s also a great opportunity to fill up on gas! Dancharia, an area of Ainhoa, is prized for its Ventas and the advantageous prices it offers. The mountainous setting lends itself to strolling between the brand boutiques, restaurants and the many tapas bars on the site. From your campsite, Dantxaria is accessible in 30 minutes via Saint-Pée-sur-Nivelle.

Behobia – Irun:
Less than 25 minutes from Berrua Campground, Behobia in Irun is also a popular commercial border area for its low prices. Peio has 5 ventas centres, open 363 days a year. Hairdressers, tobacco merchants and self-service gas stations can also be found on the site 24 hours a day. You benefit from much less VAT than on the French side, and therefore from products at very advantageous prices: fashion and accessories, food and drinks, fuel, you are sure to do good business. The Behobia district is the nearest place to your campsite to go shopping on the Spanish side. The departmental D810 as well as the A63 motorway, parallel to the coast, take you directly to it.

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