The village of Ahetze

Village of the basque province of Labourd, Ahetze is located between sea and mountain, a few kilometers from the beaches of the Atlantic ocean and surrounded by the peaks of the Rhune, the Mondarrain, Artzamendi and the Three Crowns of spain.

Village’s authenticity is preserved, Ahetze has long been a step on the road to Compostela for pilgrims who opted for a passage of the Pyrenees by the atlantic coast.

It retains from the past in the old relay ferme Ostalapia, as well as its church built in the 16th century, remarkable for its bell tower with two bays of different sizes. The traditions basques are very perennial in Ahetze : the commune has two pediments of balls.

The village is composed of houses, the architecture labourdine typical, dating back to the 17th century as the church of Saint-Martin, or the 18th century. Dynamic Village, Ahetze hosts the third Sunday of each month a flea fame, is appreciated by the hunters and lovers of antiques.

Many celebrations are also organized throughout the year, reviving the traditions and local folklore : do not miss, in the summer, the threshing of wheat and the demonstrations of force basque. Later in the year, the fiestas of the village took place on 25 October and 11 November.

Ahetze is the village of birth of Mattin Trecu, a famous bertsulari which the heart of the village is home to the statue. The bertsularisme is a discipline of improvisation in song, in verse, specific to the basque culture. Ahetze regularly organizes games bertsulari.

campsite Berrua, 5 km of Ahetze

5 km to your campsite Berrua, Ahetze is a fun and relaxing destination for a bike ride, for example. By car, less than 10 minutes is enough to reach this typical village with real charm.

To see in the surroundings of Ahetze

Relax in the heart of nature for your holidays in the Basque Country.