Surf in the Basque Country

All of the natural elements, climate, wind, tides, waves… make the Basque coast one of the most famous locations in the world of surfing…

Surfing and the Basque coast have been inseparable since the 1960’s, a legendary period when all of the World’s greatest surfers Nat Young, Mickey Dora, Gary Elkerton, Tom Curren, and more local names such as Joël de Rosnay, Christophe Reinhardt, François Lartigau… came to confront the waves of Guéthary.

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The Basque Country: a surf destination that has become mythical

Inseparable from the surf culture, the Basque Country has a large number of internationally renowned spots. On the French side, the beaches of Anglet offer popular waves, especially in the Chambre d’Amour. The Grande Plage de Biarritz is also one of the most famous spots on the French Basque coast.

Further south, a stone’s throw from your campsite, the beaches of Bidart Centre and Uhabia offer great skiing opportunities. Just next door, the beaches of the picturesque village of Guéthary are appreciated for their reef waves. Reef Break famous among surfers, the site also pleases for its preserved charm of a small old fishing port.

The beaches of Hendaye are a delight for skiers of all levels: the vast bay offers spots with different characteristics to suit beginners and advanced surfers. The Basque Country has other renowned surf spots on the Spanish side, easily accessible from your campsite in Bidart: Zurriola Beach near downtown San Sebastian; Mundaka for experienced surfers; Sopelana, ideal for beginners; Zarautz in Pais Vasco, one of the most popular Spanish spots; or the big wave of Punta Galea, reserved for very high level surfers.

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