Will you be tempted by the boiling Basque derby during your Berrua camping holiday? ?

In the Basque Country, rugby is the most common sport after Pelota with great names such as Serge Blanco and Dospital and great Clubs such as BO- Biarritz Olympique (in Red and White)  and Aviron Bayonnais (in Blue and White).

Basque Country, land of rugby

The Basque Country has a great cultural wealth but also sports. In this region of France, the most popular sport, after pelota, is undoubtedly rugby. This sport is entirely part of the regional tradition and is symbolized by a great fervor behind the two main clubs in the region.

During your stay in our campsite in Bidart, you can go watch Biarritz Olympique play at Aguilera stadium or Aviron Bayonnais at Jean-Dauger stadium. You will discover an exceptional atmosphere and you will enjoy a great show with these two historic clubs of the country.

In the region of the Basque Country, rugby is considered a real religion by some. Its implantation in the regional traditions is total and offers a great show every weekend. To see the game of these two great teams, do not hesitate to come to our campsite Berrua and quickly access the towns of Biarritz de Bayonne located nearby.

Much more than a sporting spectacle, rugby is fully part of the Basque culture. During your stay, you will not be able to miss this important craze for rugby around Bidart.

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